The Soul of Crumbled Hearts

Love piercing my heart with the devils poison,
Lies suffocating me by filling my lungs with acid.
This is how my love for you will always feel,
Tomorrow shall be the day feelings become real.
Picking your love out of my teeth with my own shattered bones,
Wishing I was the one who sat on my heart's throne.
Needles digging further into my bitter tasting flesh,
Wherever life takes me turns out to be just a mess.
Drowning in a pool of guts and fresh blood,
Not sure if its yours or my own silky flood.
My pounding heart is now weak with tears,
It's not you I'm worried about... It's my own fears.
My eyes begin to spill the poison from my heart,
Death begins to take over my pain and soon will do its part.
Tears no longer made of pity sorrow,
With love like yours there will be no tomorrow.
Dark shadows begin to turn me cruel,
Love for you is now a myth carried by this tortured soul.
Our eternity is what I loved to flaunt,
You looked away when they began to taunt.
Now its my turn to return the torture and pain,
Revenge is what keeps my blood flowing through my veins.
Being destroyed you shall foresee,
I shall never again feel Loves misery.

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