The Soul of the Mystical Lake

And the bountiful lake became family to the forest’s soul.
Deep into the woodland, hidden and free from all.
Where the Interacting organisms did powerfully create,
more wealth than any other kingdom, submerged deep into the living lake.
Beautifully adorned with food for all to take.
The air adorned with flying insects who danced to the soulful music of the lake.
Images reflected mystical colours, where all creatures had food to take.
Colours of illuminating light, secrets held by each who breathed its core.
Uplifting shadows forged as dragonfly shadows, did make the reeds stand tall.
Where fireflies would make circle shadows around the crimson sky.
Little Livinia knew of its mystical powers and did not dare forsake this secret place.
She did not abandon or take
Years past and more humans found the hidden world.
They started to take too much air, too much from this plentiful place.
The people consumed the world and took up all the creatures space.
They made their fires and homes,
The structures grew
and grew.
This place for Livinia was all she knew.
Now the land stands vacant
Just sadness left and waste

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