The Soul, the Heart, the Mind

Three Dimensional
I see me
I see myself in the mirror, I see everything that's intentional
I compose a spiritual symphony
Deconstruct all these visuals
Capture human nature, replenish its innocence
Relinquish mortality
I am now and forever desired by the guilt
Eating away at souls living with distastefulness
Unfamiliar ruins will soon cause one to be familiar with being ruined
A love dissolves in a mist, tragedy blew a windy rush up your spine
Never realizing disaster could occur, causing bodily harm
Timid eyes, victimized in all the wrong concepts
Living lies as if every nerve in your brain has been
Unconsciously desiring death in depths of imagination
Immune to cognition, refusing to concentrate on colors of the wind
The covers of your skin, the disguise you have to pretend you're in
Until, you convince yourself of a rapid recovery
The luxury of retinal discovery
Blinded by abundant intolerance
What beats within a rib cage isn't as common as common sense
When it's more common to recognize that it does not exist
Recreating mine in this process
Trying to acknowledge this so called, artificial artifact
This symphony composed of cardiac rhythm
If you build walls you will never recognize the three dimensions

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