the soul's blues

Her lips awoke the sleeping city,
Am I living in a fantasy?
Are you ever coming back to me?
Will things ever be the same?
Could I learn to live without you?
Could I be my own person?

She told her story like she was speaking poison
She grabbed the Moon as the stars screamed,
She yelled for reality to discontinue!
She roared for the light to reveal her phantoms
I need the Sun, she demanded, the darkness it will enflame
I’m begging you, she said, I need some mediation!

The Universe step in and help this creation!
Give favor to her instead of being nonpartisan
She’s took a lot of pain to her name
She’s left a lot of nights undreamed
She’s wallowed in a lot of other people’s venoms
Please don’t leave her undervalued!

This life, she promised, she will continue
She’ll wake up & live with creativity
She’ll spread happiness like it’s her vendetta
She’ll hand out metaphorical flowers to every Austin citizen
She’ll be saying don’t quit your daydreams
Following your beautiful heart is what she’ll exclaim

Nobody’s dream will go as disclaimed
The power inside humans she will reissue
Sunbeams she will live after these long-lived moonbeams
Finally she will be free from captivity
Finally she will move into the new season
Finally she won’t feel so vulnerable

She had yelled at the Moon with vulgarity
She had told of her suffering without being ashamed
She had rose up like waves in the Sea
She decided the Sun needed to be on the menu
She decided her soul no longer needed inactivity
She spoke out to stop these blasphemes

She wanted to widen the sacred streams, get rid of the World’s un-clarity
Build a new World collectively, and then raise us all up from the ashes
Give us our own entire venue, and then the blues will rise up & out from our souls

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