The sound of a wilted Lily

beautiful lily you bloom the summer,
gazer of stars, I can't help but wonder…
thine petals wilt not ripen steady,
thine beauty and fragrance diminish daily.
courageously ye don't fathom nor fear,
oh this day, this day I've feared.
my chaste agony sheds upon your fragile stem,
corolla, and sepal both dried out in the end.
thine silence, mine sympathy both break heart my own,
lest we close our eyes to what we've known?
winter approached, your icy death followed,
what once was mine, now heartbroken sorrows...
the memories of yesterday ignite mine conviction,
how can a lily so sweet cause such affliction?
alas! a green sprout of hope has begun to make way,
a new life-cycle created, oh ye, bittersweet day.
with mine ear pressed down upon thine grave,
forever the moment my Lily wiltered, I'll save.

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This Poems Story

It is from the mind of a person who's loved one is losing a battle with Cancer. To be strong and hold it together is such a horrible and isolating experience. Eventually, life goes on but they never forget the pain.