The Sound of Sirens

I hear faint sirens in the distance,
I thought it couldn't be,
getting louder by the second,
ever so softly,
Anger flowing through my veins,
Couldn't think of what to do,
The only thing that came to mind,
Was to look inside and find what's true,
The only way to get away,
Was to grip my cross and start to pray,
Couldn't think of what to say,
So I pulled the trigger anyway,
I see the flashing lights beyond,
shining against the horizon,
blood rushing to my core,
leaving me ever so frightened,
Held the barrel against my head,
Loaded and ready to fire,
The cold metal versus my dread,
All about to expire,
The magazine filled with lead,
I could end it all,
A single shot to the head,
As my skin started to crawl,
So I pulled the trigger,

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