The Sound of the Cage Wakes Us

A long journey is like a feeble roller coaster with old rails,
People will fall off and injure themselves on rusty irons
The questions don't fit together with answers as suppose
The chapters never get to the concluding pages
Things keep changing because there is no safety
Shifting like everything the books said
It will soon be torn apart again
Close to the heart is death
Hidden watching to take one
It's wet, it's dry, its snow, its sleet or rain
Grand parents will soon leave
But we hosting them with sweaters on
Push to the limit like pet dolls
They have become the quiet ones
Generations have become warm and fascinating
Your attitude will not look like your age
Even if you tear it and put it back together
Succes is a friend sometimes once with men twice with women
People will know when everything is terrible
And you take a vacation
Your secrets will be reveal
When you have what you never had
Your life becomes younger
You can tape it and make a video
Or put it on CD and sell it for profit
Just do all the fun stuff
While you still have life
And you are still young
That's how you blossom
In your old age
Babies will join the parade
It will be happy but won't last
Because they get older
And will not answer the door bell
It looks like it's time to believe everything
Except that everything you believe has aged
With multiple thinking
You can look back with taste
That you lived well listening to the cage
But now you have gray hair
And that's a good thing
You can see it lavished every time
If you are not less inclined
Just reinvent yourself not to worry
And you 'll hear it play
The conduct of mankind's quarrels and conflicts.

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