The source

The mother of a chameleon
Is empathy, and empathy
Is a child of love.

The father of a chameleon
Is focus, and focus is
A child of success

A common denominator of
Success and love are
The peace

Love and success are one
It is the source of life

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Tags : source, god, love, success, family, peace, mother nature
Key Words : success, source, god, family, Mother Nature, peace, love

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This Poems Story

As I proceed down my road to recovery, I am discovering that schizophrenia is often associated with unanswered questions puzzling one\'s head. Poetry is my healer; thus, I frequently begin a poem with a question. That is how I approach curing myself. I often employ the Trinity method—mother, father, and child—when answering frontal lobe queries like \"What is the source?\"