The Special Day

The special day started the same as before,
nothing new as cereal she did pour.
Heading off to school, heading out the door
her responsibility she wanted to ignore,
instead she left all thoughts of fun on her floor.
Halfway there on the corner of the street,
She decided today was the one to leave
So she closed grabbed her bag, jumped to her feet,
And ran away from what you might believe.

Now dragons and pink doves,
they lifted her high above,
so she could imagine what she was not among
but could still feel the connection of love.

They flew to a field,
where the sunflowers made a shield
the shade made her healed,
all day under them she kneeled.

The special day ended not the same as before,
for that night at home she was there no more.
The yellow swallowed her, though the fairies swore
when they left her they didn't ignore,
but they didn't realize she was done for.

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