The Special You

Even words in the worlds are less to describe this feeling,
As you are my only source for my every pain's healing,
When I first saw you, that angels exist and I started believing,
I am with you, and You are with me, that's what I was dreaming.

Whenever you talk to me, I hope this moment goes on and on,
Because your words are like poetry in motion like a beautiful song,
My prayers are to God, never let this moments forever gone,
Because I want to spend it; only with you, with my every dusk and dawn.

I melt everytime whenever you smile at me,
Because your eyes are most beautiful and deeper than sea,
Your name starts with A and mine from B,
Coz you are the only soul my heart wants to see.

Whenever I see you, or even I hear your name anywhere and anytime,
My heart goes crazy, my mind gets stuck,and I blush every single time.
You are the only reason , who forces me to wrote this rhyme,
Because you are my only sunset and only sunshine.

I don't know how many like me are waiting for you in the que,
But I really don't know if they really like you? like the way I do,
How could I say, and How could I tell you?
That I really really love you, which I know, and that's true.

I hope you will came to know; one day, that how much I love you,
Cause your name will be always in heart as strong as glue,
Time is always clicking as its always go through,
But I will always be there, and waiting here for you.

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