The Spirit

The Spirit

I’m a spirit of life, I float around this world. From coast to coast,
I float in the past life that we had, my heart is made of…
wildflowers that bloom in the sun. My time on this planet is short,
I float around the past like Walt Whitman did. I met some familiar face ’s
in my travels I met him the man of the shadow. of an illusion of the
A sailor who sailed out the sea on the old ship, and never came back…
I’m the spirit on the ship that haunts the crew on board, I can control the sails
that they don’t see, I’m the spirit that controls the sea the waves hum to me
I’m a spirit of the field of the wild flowers that bloom in the summertime.
I’m a spirit of the past I look for the dead poets, just like this poem.
I’m a spirit of Lake Superior. I been on this shore for generations stuck lost,
I’m the spirit of the wandering traveler that takes the ‘road less traveled by’
I take the road less traveled by, because it leads me to
find a solitude in my life, I’m a spirit of the dead poet Robert frost.
That takes the road less traveled again. I walk along the road looking
at the nature of life and the rhythm it leads me to. My heart plays like a sympathy,
I’m a spirit of the dead that rest in their graves, I rest in my grave but
I come out at night to look upon the starry sky, I’m the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh.
I paint the portrait of the French Town under the Starry night…
It’s my masterpiece, and I’m famous for my portrait of the workers in the fields.
I’m a spirit of the sea, the waver come on to the shore. Splashing of the beauty,
The heavy water the wave roar like a big hurricane wind blows the waves in over the bows,
of the ship that tip it over, the crew scream out in fear, but nobody is out there listening.
I’m a spirit of the tree’s, I haunt the natives on the shore, I stare at the lonely souls on the island.
I feel lost and not found at all, I go from coast to coast over the mountains of Montana,
or Colorado, to Idaho, or Wyoming. I’m the spirit in the wild fire that burns half of the distance.
I float from the endless wonders of the country, I’m the spirit of the civil war.
That divided us up in this country I seek out my general that still roams the land.
I get lost in trans thought sometimes I want to stop but I can’t,
my heart won’t stop giving off life. It’s days are short, I’m the spirit
of the wind, I blow where the wind goes where it takes me it’s up to the wind,
I don’t think but I do know that this is my true.Beauty of life itself, I know it is
but it’s hard to say it is.I feel like a spirit, and my heart
is true beauty of nature the splendor of the wild flowers that bloom.
I’m a spirit of man, that walks the city streets alone with flow of it’s own beat under
his feet, I’m a spirit of a woman that lives in the countryside. I feel like it’s time that my flower
is ready to bloom, the screaming pain of childbirth haunts me. I’m a spirit of life worth
living, and I don’t have control over anything at all but you do. I’m a spirit of America, and it
it’s time to wake up America and look at the wildflowers bloom in the field.
I’m the spirit of great Al Capone, the master behind the mob in Chicago and New York.
I’m a spirit of the long forgotten Edgar Allan Poe, after.
‘I lost my wife. My cousin I won’t find love again it seems, until I met Annabel
Lee my true love goes to thee.’ I’m a spirit of life itself, the glory of life talk to me.
I talk to it back at it and say ‘My name is Spirit what is yours’....
I’m a spirit of the lost person, feeling grief and dead. My heart goes out to
my parents,who think That I’m missing but it can’t be true at all.
I don’t think this is called missing after all, I’m a spirit just that nothing more.
I’m a spirit of two lovers that love one another, after a long
talk about it they want to break up, the I’m the spirit of the Long story,
I’m in the page of history, I’m just another dead poet,
amongst the greats. I’m a spirit of the feeling of hate I’m the spirit of the doctor,
the nurse, the firefighter, the policeman, the police woman, the police
dog, I’m the spirit that knows everything or too little to know.
I’m the spirit of the bank robber, I just stole the money the day of it took it away.
My time is almost up, and I will turn to rubble and dust my ashes
will be dilated all over. Remember I’m a spirit of the sun,
the moon, and the wildflowers. The starry sky is my home, And I
will return soon after my time is gone from this world. I will be somewhere else,
I know that I’m a spirit that floats to the ends of the world.
I take the road less traveled by- Robert Frost….
I’m the spirit of a man and a sister, I walk around with my heart goes to thee.
My life was short lived and grantee that love is longer than this. I’m the
spirit that walks around on earth with a white sheet and two eye holes, that’s me.
I’m the spirit of Mark Twain fighting racial battle’s from his books.
I’m the spirit of Robison watching over his shore line of his california home,
his house which is made of stone I’m the spirit of Myself path,
I’m happy where I’m going across the plains or the high desert in Idaho, or nevada.
I walk freely into the day, with the sounds of the birds
sing along to the songs they sing. The mocking bird voice is beautiful
I’m the spirit of a wrong accuse man, sentenced to death for
killing a little girl for what he didn’t do at all. I’m the spirit of the man who
works in the chain gang. I’m the spirit of the prisoner or the
mental patient I’m the spirit of two spirit’s put together, I walk along the path
of the dreamers and seekers. I walk with the passion of people
I’m the spirit that says ‘hello good ole soul’. Before I turn to dust and ash,
I seek out the dreamers, and the believers. The dead poets I will return again
some day, and believe it or not I will be back. Probably amongst the greats, and amongst
the legends of poetry….

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It's about being a spirit walking around different life times.