the spirits of the flowers

When you blossom, I can’t help but blossom too
From pedal to pedal, let’s show the spirit of this flower
Put the foot on the pedal, off the Cliff we’ll rebel towards
We’ll take the wildest of journeys like we’re the stars of the fast & the furious
If you think it’s not possible, look to the roses for your approval
They’ll be your friends, so you won’t look delirious
People blossom, too, when you offer them real appreciation
The roses are there to say I’m glad you are here
Naps are waiting for gravity to be discovered with falling apples
A frog says “rib-bit” from her head
There sits a lily pad
Locus flowers float down her hair
A heavy weight through which fish peak
Where’s the fish with 100 rainbow scales?
A brain in which water leaks
I want to ask where is the paradise scheduler
I don’t want to wait forever; I want Him now
I don’t want to put in the effort & time is my scapegoat
I don’t like to watch roses grow nowadays
I want the whole garden to already be living
Or maybe I’ll help them grow faster with these nouns
With the garden quite dead, you can see life once again emerging
From the Earth’s soil, the seeds given attention start to blossom
Then into yourself, a gardener to this garden you’re immersing
It’s going so fast; it’s over before you know it like a blockbuster
However, Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished
You’ve just enjoyed the growing so much the track of time got blotchy
You picked up a human when you fished
I hope we’re as beautiful as the things nature can accomplish
Remember the roses are singing for you when your soul needs a polish

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