The spring bloosm

Freezing wind blowing as tempest
Busy bees at its work of humming
The beautiful promise of being alike
Shone as colourful as the rising rainbow,
Take a glimps of the senario
The work of thee above been created

The bloosm of sparkling chaspers
The 'hum''hum' bees singing aloud
The busy reptile longing for prey.
Lazy catipillar at its graze
The chamelion changing like seasons;
The charm , charm, the bettle scatters.

Alike in the morning classical played
Chrip,chrip,chriped the joyous birds,
The soundful call of the nightangles.
Reminds every of the creations alive.
The morning's legend of all times
Shone as bright as the twinkling starts

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