The Squirrels Truth

More horrible than a tank
Worse than when the Titanic sank
There is only one being so terrible
The squirrels that are so unbearable

Wildly chittering, loud and crazy
While their minds inside are dark and hazy
But in this haze there is a plot
A plot where the squirrels will never get caught

They will now prepare their weapon
They will fight with wild aggression
Their victim, a lady under the dark oak tree
Who couldn't even be startled by a flea

But when the squirrels attacked
She was pummeled with a terrible smack
And as the poor lady screamed
The squirrels just smiled, happily it seemed

But what the squirrels did not see
Probably would have made them pee
For rumbling up the concrete road
Was an 18 wheeler with a heavy load

Half way across the road they froze
Just why squirrels do this, "who knows!"
But the squirrels looked too late
And they learned their gruesome fate.

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