The Star I always carry

You shine brighter than anything
with eyes nobody knows how much blinding you cause with
your beauty up close
I asked for your heart once
you said it's not the right time
but that never stopped me from trying
Beaming bright as if you were sunlight
Love and lust, not the emotions I feel with you
Am I crazy for the feelings I possess?
When I touch your soul, you feel my caress
You're strong like glass;tough like brass
resembling my love of stars
in the way I can only love you from afar
Oh Cheri I thank you for your quiet fire
you continue to fuel my heart's desire
Unassuming as you are
you've displayed your spark
You're my Hadraniel, angel of eternal love
I'll become the angel, watching you from above
When I become the land, you will remain the sea
Serene,swooshing,swaying,you'll return to me

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