The Star She Sought

Amidst the forests, she traversed,
Unaware of the guilty pleasures.
Seeking the star she loved,
Callous about the insensitive world.

Picking up the flowers along her way,
She took in the fragrance of them all.
Bright appeared her path ahead,
She kept moving with her zeal.

She stumbled upon multiple other stars,
Each of them, unique and bright.
They offered her everything they could,
Alas, she only moved seeking her favourite star.

Miles she walked, not knowing what her future holds,
Determined to reach her star,
Maybe she would finally connect with her star.

But, through this journey,
The only constant she had was, she herself.
She stood facing the star she sought,
But the only question she uttered was,
"Isn't it a bit too late?"

She realized, the star she sought was indeed, she herself.
Her only constant companion was, she herself.
Her journey taught her the art of love
And she realized no star is more important than loving oneself.

- Devasmita Das

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