The Stars

She opens her tent, looks up at the stars.
She feels at peace here, like she’s one with the night sky.
The smell of the campfire fills her nose.
The crisp, night air sends a chill through her bones.
She wishes he was here.
She knows how much he would’ve loved this.
She feels a single tear slowly descending her face.
It tickles her but she doesn’t wipe it away.
She feels his presence, standing next to her like a ghost.
She sits on the uneven ground, watching the stars.
The stars are her only friend out here in the wild.
She gets up and feeds the fire.
She sits on the ground, legs crossed, watching the flames move, as though the embers are doing a type of dance, subtle and lonely.
She looks up at the stars, feeling calm, content.
She breathes a content sigh, knowing that she’s finally where she needs to be

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