The Storm

The storm outside is raging, the wing is blowing hard,
but that's not the only thing troubling my heart
A tear rolls down my cheek and before long I'm sobbing,
why, O Lord, am I not hearing You calling?

You promised You'd be there, through the thick and the thin,
then why, my Precious Savior, haven't I heard from You since then?

In all my life I've never felt so alone,
God, how I long to be by Your throne

When all will be well, there will be no more tears,
there will be no more hardships, worries, or fears

But until that day, Lord, please let me again here,
Your wonderful words that I hold so dear

Your promises, encouragements, Your wonderful love,
told to me by You from the heavens above

My prayer is simple Lord, calm the storm in my heart,
and God help to show You, set me apart

And please be merciful Lord, once again let me hear,
Your Word and Your promises whispered in my ear

So though the storm outside is raging, the one is my heart is done,
because through the God of Wonders, all battles can be won

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