The Storm

Fear sets in as the cloud darkens,
and a child hears the roar of thunder.
Despair sets in as the lightning strikes,
And a child throws a quilt into the air to hide under.
Gloom sets in as the storm passes,
And a child lays under the cloud still in whimper.

She appeared above the ridge,
When those words flowed into my ear.
She creep down the hillside hoping to reach the bridge,
When I was distracted by the faults of the worst year.
She knew the toll booth would allow her to deliver the perfect pitch,
When I cried for any desire.
She danced across the line of no return to break the hinge,
When I said please enter.

Desperation sets in when I lost restraint,
and a child screams as the storm attacks him.
Hatred sets in knowing I made a misjudgment,
And a child starts throwing fists wanting it to close the diaphragm.
Dread sets in wondering how this is going to terminate,
And a child is exhausted from the repeating smacks of the palm.
Concern sets in waiting for the storm to mutilate,
And a child seizures as his own hands take the last breathing time.

When the storm moves in by the atmosphere,
Be aware of the smack of her palm.
Death will proceed.

F*ck Off Angie

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation, crazy, insane, anger, psycho

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This Poems Story

The Storm, is a story about a child getting abused in sense. In reality it sets the scene in my life of relapsing. The addiction saw my weakness through my mistakes. The child representation describes my childish behaviors. The palm at hand which is doing the abuse is me, myself and I.