The Storm

I sit in the shadows awaiting the light,
Can't sleep anymore I'm up all night.
Everyday fighting for my children to return,
Lost them after a hard lesson I learned.
I was a victem of violence from a man I loved,
I would look into the mirror & not recognize who I was.
After finally gaining the courage to escape,
Little did I know I had a even worse fate.
After him going to jail me & my children had no place to stay,
But it broke my heart when my father took them away.
I fought for them every night & day,
Pain forever in my eyes nothing could wash it away.
The world was so big & I was so small,
I had nothing left I lost it all.
But after 2 years of fighting & missing my son first steps,
I finally was blessed to get my children back.
I got me a house & the pain was gone,
I made it through that terrible storm.
So never lose hope & never give up,
Cause you never know just when you will change your luck.

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