The Storm

A bright and sunny day suddenly disappears as the clouds begin to come in,
I stand outside and watch as the world becomes gray,
The sun is gone,
The clouds are expanding,
As it begins to rain, I move inside because it’s safer behind the walls,
I hear a loud boom as if the world had exploded and I see a flash of light as if something got electrocuted,
The clouds keep getting darker, it’s almost as if the world will never be light again,
I hear another loud boom, louder than the last,
Afterword’s I see another flash of light brighter than the last,
It then starts to pour faster and faster until all I can see is fog,
I suddenly hear a loud noise, a noise no one can mistake, a noise most people fear,
A tornado is coming,
I run around trying to find the safest place to hide,
I go to my bedroom and hide under my bed,
I put all my favorite possessions all around me and fill up every hole,
I lay there quietly, listening to the sounds of the outside; The rain pounding on the roof, the thunder crackly at every quiet moment and the tornado causing pain,
As I lay there alone, I can’t help but wish I had someone or something to comfort me and help get rid of the fear,
As I continued to lay there, listening, I start to notice that it’s getting quieter,
I laid there a little while longer until I was sure it was over,
I climbed out from underneath my bed, went downstairs and out the back door,
As I stand on the back porch, looking out at the damaged the tornado caused, I realized that the scars of the damage will never go away, and no amount of rebuilding will ever fix it,
I looked up at the sky as the last trace of the clouds went away,
The sun starting to shine down on me again,
I looked back at the ground, dreading the rain that will be back again,
But for now, at this moment, the storm finally passed.

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