the Storm

i’m trapped inside a storm inside a storm inside a storm
on top of that there’s a darkness that follows
a darkness so dark not even the stars can swallow
i scream and scream but nobody hears
i’m trapped in this storm
is the rainbow near
for years it feels time it has no worth
it’s about time for this truth to unearth
the pain i’m in i feel this is the worst
the pain grows more and more with no one to nurse
i can see one exit it’s plain and clear
it’s time to end it to break the seal
this way although is a ticket to hell
do i really want what the devil is trying to sell
God please help me i begging you please
prayer after prayer i’m on knees
i know one person that can take it away
but he is not the rainbow that will stay
i hope one day this storm will end
end in a way i don’t have sin
for i done that more than enough
how much longer can my mind stay so tough

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