The Storm

The waves of our past are crashing down upon us;
Life is nothing but a boat lost at sea
With no control over its surroundings
And we're just trying to survive the storm.
The winds are heavy with our emotions.
As they swirl around us,
Sometimes it's hard to pick out which ones are ours.
And when life rocks it rocks hard.
Someone always falls over the edge.
They get swept up in the confusion
And are forever lost in time.
As the rain pours down,
It pierces through to our hearts
With every tragedy that's ever faced the human soul.
Sometimes it gets so dark that you can't find your friends
And not a single person exists
that wouldn't betray you in a heartbeat
Push you a little too far so they can stay on board.
You hear the roaring thunder of the guilty;
A quick flash of lightning betrays them all.
But hope guides us through
Hope that the winds will turn into a breeze,
Hope that the clouds will separate just long enough
To let the sun shine through
And that the sun's rays will bring peace,
Bring understanding and bring love.

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