The Stormbringer

Lightning flickers across the ebon sky
Thunder snarls with brooding fury
Rain litters the ground like tears a thousandfold
The wind swirls with malevolent intent
An untamable tempest engulfs a small city
For there is a discrepancy in life's natural order
Hope has become fragmented and perseverance decommissioned
For this is a storm conceived from within
Sorrow of the heart mangled with disbelief of the mind
A contrived union of the two empowers the funnel clouds
Their merger, grief, is a battery of bitterness for the twister
Trees are uprooted as the afflicted recalls tender memories
Pastimes of a friend like no other
Of a fierce protector staunch and true
A soul whose loyalty never wavered
A bearer of an irreplaceable dry humor
Such a man is the aforementioned anomaly in life's algorithm
His absence occupies his protege's every thought
Because the wound is so tragic, fate enlists him as a stormbringer
So the tempest rages on indefinitely
For the broken stranger will never forget Andrew

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This Poems Story

Greetings to each of you, I am Brett Murph, a resident of Huntsville, Alabama. I wrote this poem to commemorate my close friend, Andrew Rieder, an upstanding Christian I first met while working at Publix. An extrovert, Andrew reached out to me with his dry sense of humor and compassionate heart. He passed away in an automobile accident last November and is mourned by many, including his five-year-old son and extremely loving family. His death has forever changed me; it has altered my personality profoundly. I am far less whimsical than I used to be.