The Storm//The Calm

The storm

What is your storm like?
The one inside
The storm that you cannot control
The storm that you pretend is not there

Do you feel it?
Do you feel your storm?
Or do you push it to the back of your mind
Waiting for it to burst into a hurricane

Is it the storm that keeps you up at night?
Or is it that hurricane you’ve caused?

Do you even know which it is?

How bad does the hurricane hit?
Does it cause the thoughts?
Does it just make you stave?
Does it make you do the opposite and eat too much?
Do you cry?
Can you cry?

The calm

What is your calm like?
The one that comes after the storm
After the hurricane
The one you grasp so tightly to

Do you take advantage of it?
Do you even recognize it?
Can you even feel it?

You only know it’s there after the storms stolen it from you
You never appreciate the calm enough

But how much can you?
Knowing the calm is never permanent
Knowing the calm may never return
Knowing you might be left with the storm

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the calm after a storm