The Story can Be Told!

Let Us All Be careful not to fall in the wrong category,
for many today are telling way,way too sweet a story.
which will not benefit or profit not anyone in the End,
It is why the direct truth must Be only a God Send.
it's the main ingredient in being truly sacred,
being challenged today by satan's lust,falsehood and hatred.
But nothing will stop the light from penetrating and shining,
doesn't matter about wrondoer's useless uproars and whinings.
The truth and light is here to give All an equal opportunity,
to come together in peace and in true love there is unity.
Don't anyone be fooled to think that the Lord is blind,
the Lord's truth comes straight to the front it does not sneak up behind.
In the path of the light We find no need to fear,
the Lord's word is in We hearts and We hold the word close and very,very dear.
We can seh to All evil come to this world what may,
Our Life is not for this world But for the coming of New Day.
You see,the truth has always had a way of Being unfold,
So when the message is Bitter and Sweet Yeah,The Story can Be Told! Amen

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