The Story of a Mother’s Hardship

I sit and watch up high from my tower,
As you try with all of your power,
To break this spell that you’ve fallen under,
You’re covered by a cloud that rumbles with hunger,
It eats up the happiness that you have left,
And leaves you to suffer from your sad, pathetic death,
The death of a life that you’re forced to live
Just because you didn’t think, and had six kids.

That’s something you weren’t ready for,
We know that deep down at your core,
You want adventure and a life of excitement,
It wasn’t long before your enlightenment,
Where you realized your terrible mistake,
That killed the life you wish you could remake.

Would you go back to school and get that degree?
Or maybe said no, when he got down on one knee.
Would you have stayed a virgin
through all of high school,
So that you wouldn’t have the pregnancy
that you didn’t schedule.

It’s up to you now, go change your life,
Stop being a horrible mother and wife.

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