The Story of Sally Hannidud

Once there was a little girl named Sally Hannidud-
A chubby, stubborn, filthy child and never up to good.
One day when asked to clean her room, she simply just refused;
Her room was dirty, stinky, gross, her mother not amused.
So quickly she picked up all her toys and books,
And stuffed them in her closet, where no one ever looks.
Then one day, Sally needed a nice dress for a fête...
Her mother said, "Let's check your closet, to see what you have left!"
Sally was first shocked, then kicked and screamed and cried,
"Mommy, do not open that! You don't know what's inside!"
But still the doors were opened, and tumbling out it came,
An avalanche of books and toys and puzzle parts and games.
Bruised and beaten, her mother emerged, and scowling she said,
"You evil Sally Hannidud, you'll go straight to bed!"
So we can learn from Sally, and don't you dare forget,
Obey your mom the first time, or this is what you'll get.

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