The story of the moon and the sun.

Love dies when the moon stops to chase the sun,
Sun rises, from jealousy undone.
Stars twinkle in the endless sky,
Waiting for the moon to finally betray.
Oh, fierce sun it is so cold in the pitchy dark,
Please save the moon, beg you, spark his heart.
Oh, it so stuns, how cunning are the stars,
Play with pity Moon while cheating with the Mars.
Love dies when the moon loses a feeble hope,
When the sun gives up or learns how to cope.
And the cheater stars will endlessly cheat,
Deceiving moon delicately, sweet.
Oh, glorious, all cheering sun.
Moon was in love, but now he is done.
This burden, this pain killed his heart,
Unrequited love made him to part.
And now you are again far apart.
With dead love and a broken heart.
By starshine and by moonlight,
When it is dark and when it is white.
I pray for God and sincerely hope,
One day the moon eclipses the sun,
Meeting each other, turning into one.

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