The Story of Us

At 15 I never gave you the time of day
It was way too soon to predict my fate
So seeing you in that way never crossed my mind

I chose to waste my time on guys who didn’t care
Fantasizing about feelings that were never really there
While all along my future waited in you

Years passed by and I moved away for different reasons
Relationships came and went just like the seasons
Till I ended up taking the road back home like some do

Fate has a funny way of opening up certain doors
Handing out second chances that you’d never think to wish for
And on that September night, fate brought us back together

Time revealed that in you lied all I had ever wanted
Tough times tried to break us apart making our future look daunted
But we overcame with love and when I close my eyes all I see is you in my forever

Here we are six years later with so many memories under our belt
Some happy and some sad but we make it through whatever were dealt
All we need for this life is patience, love, and time

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