The Story That Hides

My notes, my words, my thoughts:
these dreams dancing and playing
to the rhythm of my soul.
Can you hear their beat?
Hear their flow?
Feel the notes as they spin, they weave,
they twirl, creating such harmony?
There's magic here,
magic of the purest form,
raw and inviting, a sensual calling
that begs to be heard.
It pulses with my heart
and begs to be free from my soul.
Oh, the power that it could wield,
the passion that could be be felt,
but only if I dared--
dared to unleash
what's hidden within,
risked the temptation
like playing with sin.
It calls, it yells,
it bangs within my unconscious,
a silent cry for it to be heard,
to be told, to be felt:
the story that lies within,
the story that hides inside of me.

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