The Strange Deer

Today I saw the strangest thing,
The largest deer I’d ever seen.
I swear it stood six feet tall,
From hoof to shoulder as it was.
Upon its back there was a hump,
And on it’s chin there was a beard.
It’s slanted snout had slit nostrils,
And it’s face looked alien.
But I swear, I really saw it.
It’s four long thin legs were awkward,
Holding up a bulky body.
It’s large antlers were odd looking.
Four feet apart and hand shaped,
Each ending with many sharp points,
Facing upwards, like tree branches.
It’s location was the strangest part.
For we were both underwater.
The tall deer stood twelve feet under,
And I, I was very confused.
It grabbed some plants and swam up,
Never again did I see it.
But never will I forget it.
Today I saw the strangest thing,
A moose standing underwater,
Acting casual as I watched.

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This Poems Story

I learned moose sometimes dive underwater for plants and I had to write about it. Also, moose are weird.