The stranger

It was a chilly winter night,
I was in the village during that time,
I went to the window to gaze at the sky,
And suddenly felt the air gushed in front of mine.
I saw the street light getting dim,
Was out of concern without a think,
I continued gazing at the sky,
Until the trees started waving at mine.
Within a blink i saw a girl,
I was astonished with the speed she had come,
She was as beautiful as a star,
But her face had some scars.
I called her out to ask her name,
She ignored as if i were a thing of fate,
I continued looking at her when she came,
And gave me her beautiful bracelet.
Before i could speak she disappeared,
Her bracelet kept staring as if i were a stranger,
Everything was still the wind no longer gushed,
I went to sleep with the bracelet ignoring her.
In the morning i washed my face,
I was back in the city to get in the work race,
A chill passed my body when i saw something,
The same girl after one year in front of me.

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