The Stranger

It's kind of stupid to get involved
But maybe that's just how we evolve
Making mistakes just to learn
Having to go through hardships just to earn
The love of someone, a stranger
But is a stranger really a danger?

I haven't really known you all this time
But I remember thinking " Wow she's a dime"
Hoping maybe you'd be the one
The one who got me back to being fun
Now all I think is that you're not really a stranger
And maybe you aren't a danger....

It's funny how you think
That I could know you in less than a blink
But you keep leading me in to the unknown
Just so I can see the un-shown
I can't tell whether this is good or bad
But It's starting to slowly make me go mad

You've left me here hanging all alone
Trying not to make it known
I've realized now that your nothing but a stranger
In fact you're an evil danger.

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