The Strength Of A Mother

The strength of a mother
Could carry you further
Than anything else ever could.
She will love you even when others' don't as they should.
Although, there may be times that grow weary,
And days may get long and dreary,
A strong mother finds that special time and place
To put a smile on her child's' face.
A strong mother also finds a way to smile
Just to make hard times more pleasant for a while.
A strong mother will also face her fears
Just to stop her child's tears.
A strong mother will work through the most
Rather it be that annoying boss who can't help but boast.
Or it be the financial debt
that she may regret.
She always finds a plan
Rather she is single or has a man.
She is a strong women within society today.
For times are rough in every way.
I can say one thing the strength of my mother
Has carried me further
Than anything else ever could.
Her strength passed on to me as I always hoped it would.
Now, I have the strength of a mother.
Who loves my children like no other.

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