The Stripes Inside and Out

I lay lifeless in my bed, dead
Wishing for and awaiting my last breath
I'm too tired to be humane
Too weak to be afraid.

Once again engulfed by darkness
Destined to be this life's slave
I don't want to be like this!
In this state, my morals are forgotten
Did i have any to begin with?

I just want to feel like someone again
Or is it too late for me to know?
I'm desperate, I'm sinking
This smile on my face is my constant cry for help
But my pleas go unheard.

So I turn to the silver blade
I set it upon my skin and my blood starts to blaze
Then the blood runs so beautifully and I'm in awe
I start to feel something within but it's guilt I feel
Once more I;m empty, drawn into my darkness
My stripes are a constant reminder:
Once you loose your soul, you'll never find her.

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