The Strong One

I look around intently,
Only to realize that everyone I thought I had is gone.
I shout and scream sheepishly,
Only to realize no one is really listening.
It is bright and sunny and beautiful outside,
but it is dark and cloudy and rainy inside.
My smiles are cheerful and warm, but they fade.
My smiles are forced and weak,
because I can't bare to let anyone know what type
of monster this pain has made. I doubt often now.
I know that my best is no longer enough to produce a "wow"
from those who mean something to me.
I have noticed everyone else make the best of precious life
while I battle quietly with this menacing strife.
I never tell anyone how I am feeling.
I never wanna feel like I am a burden,
but I know I feel the tough skin on my heart peeling.
I know I can't support this load of self-loathing and misery,
But I'll pretend to be carefree.
Why do I do such things?
Why not seek help on someone else's wings?
I am the strong one,
I am the one who is never broken.
No one can know that my heart is as dry as bone,
No one can know I am at my wit's end-
I am the strong one.

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