The Strongest Weapon

There's a boy, who's bruised-up and beat
If you ask him he shivers and says,
"I stumbled on my feet."
There's a girl, who will startle upon your embrace
She's been hurt too much:
She doesn't want your grace.
There's a woman, who has a slash across her face
"It's my crazy cat." She'll explain
When really, it's a blade.
There's a man, who has stitches
That zig zag his temple
He tells his doctor,
"Injuries on the job: risks are incidental."
Many people, around the sphere
All face what we all fear;
We're all afraid, locked up in shame
And it's the victims who fear the pain.
Abusers are locked up, in a cycle of violence
We do that no good by protecting our silence.
Dr. King would tell us " Hold abusers in light."
So it is love, not violence,
That arms us in strife.
The irony is, and heed this well:
Heaven on earth is closer than hell.
The more we help others release their pain
The closer we get to healing again.

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