The Struggle

I feel like, I'm still right
Short of might, but aint losin the fight
This is just not right,
Cussin through my teeth every day of the week,
Its all starting to unravel and leak,
How does it end, can I get a sneek peek
She hasn't been through this before,
Wheres the second option door,
This worlds full of war,
Almost as if were just asking for more,
Keep tryin to speak out, undo and redo my route but nobody seems to understand what I'm about,
Sit back and take it, pray that I make it
Broken promises, lost wishes, and an empty wishlist
Just want to finish this,
Back track and restart, go back to before my world got ripped apart and turn the story into art,
Move along and hope it don't turn out wrong, this is my song will you sing along
Minds floatin sky high, throats gone dry
See the world through blood shot eyes, they say these are the days where everybody dies
Sick of the lies, So caught up in the light blue skies
Tell you I'm alright, though you know I'm still going to fight until I reach my peace of mind,
take your sanity, and leave me

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