The struggle to be a survivor

The struggle to be a survivor
Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, the three mental illnesses that one person has.
Twenty three years have gone by and I can't enjoy life.
Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety is crippling my mind. The struggle is so real, like a bad nightmare that won't end.
My life sometimes feels like its in fast foward, as if the button is stuck on a remote control.
Then when your mind decides to calm down and stop, it feels like you crashed into a wall like your coming down from a deep drug that has taken control of who you really are.
You get put on medicines after medicines,
Your mind gets immune to them, so you get put on more medicines.
All your life your taking pills to get better and hope that someday it will all disappear.
I may be a survivor, but even this gets the best of me and I feel like a failure.
I may fall, but I get back up dust myself off and fight some more.
Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety the struggle of life.
Which there is no end.

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someone like me who struggles day from day to stay alive and not let the mental illness beat them.