The Suicide Forest

I'm a "sea of trees," with shadows of black
With spirits all around me; Front and back.
Number 1 of suicide. At night you'll hear voices cry.
So sit down and listen to the sea of suicide.
Try and cut me down, but it wont work
Because you'll get lost among us.
The spirits that haunt me will bring you in.
They'll make you do something you wouldn't have did.
Im sorrounded by Ghost, spirits, and demons.
They'll make you kill yourself without even thinking.
Im a suicide forest; a part of Japan.
Dont visit with sad thoughts;Or you'll end up dead!
My name is Aokigarah, or "sea of trees"
Hundreds have committed suicide here. You'll see...
Don't wander off the path. Dont go past the sign.
Or the spirits will make you commit suicide.
dont be fooled by the view in the day.
At night you'll hear voices from miles away.
If you see tape around a circle of trees,
Look all around. There may be a dead body.
If you die, dont blame me.
Blame Aokigarah; the Sea of Trees
So if you like creepy things, stop right by.
I'll make you think twice about commiting suicide.

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