The Sum Of Our Parts

My agastopia is you
the whole, the sum of all your parts
as my fingertips trace the outline
of your rapidly beating heart.
You have an agastopia,
fascinated by the contours
of the hollow beneath my upper arm
other parts fascinate you too,
crevices and secret places welcoming and warm.
You nuzzle into my neck, an agostopic spot for me
lips and tongue caressing, so erotic,
this sensual intimacy.
I need to hold you unclothed
no barriers inbetween
completely unfettered vision,
all of our least flattering bits openly seen.
To love and desire every part
to sigh, gasp and tease
to laugh and whisper nonsense,
to become aroused, and to please.
Feeling our body heat rising
shuddering into our unrestrained climax
then melting back into one another
against each other's slick skin
warm, sated and wholly relaxed.

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