The Sun Hurts My Eyes

The sun rises and sets, as does my memory. I watch you
as you put on your clothes and walk out of my life, for
God knows how long. I fooled myself yet again thinking
and hoping that this time you would rest your head on
my body and sleep like an exhausted child. I forgot that
the sun would shine through my window and wake you
from your dreams. Maybe had I closed my blinds you
could have slept a while longer. I seem to always overlook
how cruel the sun's power can be, shedding it's light onto
my reality.I ask myself what it is that I want from you, knowing
you can offer me nothing more than what little you have already
given. I see that I no longer love you but I can't deny how
I long to be held by a man. Then I watch you as you sleep
understanding this is when I desire you most. So silent and
beautiful, virtually non-existent in any other form other than
physically. I read through the lines on your face and
wonder when you will grow into your age.
It is in these moments with you when nothing needs to be
said, that I feel most content. This is how I like you to be,
but you are asleep and in another world perhaps dreaming of
someone else. I am alone in the moonlight even though you are
near and when the sun rises, alone I will remain.

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