The Sun is Near

Dear, seasonal

The sun don't shine as bright without you near
Your presence is so dear
Your kindness reminds me of what is needed and your love prepares me for what is to come
There is no happiness without pain
The head light on a car always bring light when it rains
Life is full of journeys
Another day for you to learn me
I'm sweeter than a honey bee
And more fiesty than a cat
Loving as they come
And more loyal than the Earth that rotates around the sun
There is no perfect day
But together we can overcome the weather and it's ways.
Love is unconditional
Not traditional
But a little more sturdy
And not coming from a place of regret
Your heart is emotional
Your mind is worried
But your soul never disconnect from what is right
What is meant to be will become more poweful
And what is deceiving will wither like the fig trees
God embraces what is true
In the darkness you will fall
But true love will forever rotate in the axis of the universe
After all remaining humble and victorious is the treasure underneath the sea
The atmosphere is not promised to anyone and the time is seasonal
Love with your whole being and not the sight of things
Hug me with your poetry and your kind words
Hold me forever in your heart locket
Play your love on your piano
Truly your thoughts and your broken words can never go wrong
It is your hidden diary even when it's drowning and trying to stay afloat
Please, don't drown me with your past
Or your evil intentions
Let me float in the wind to your memories and to the things you meant to me
A dying disgrace but amazing grace



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