The sun set scene

The event that flashed upon my inner eye
As if lost babies fallen down in the hole
Where the dark clouds moved to and fro
To have the restive layers underneath.
The woodland fallen asleep among creepers
Herbs, plants and trees to the flower wreath
To switch over the dearth claims
Like snatching the golden opportune moment
In day light of the signatories
Forever lasting the seaside wavering speed.
The sun rises and sets as a rule
From the creation of the earth to flourish
Plants and trees, the mines and the holes
Underneath the ground or in the planets
Above the earth to the stream of the river
In the sea and the ocean forever.
In the light and the dark life goes
For everlasting the race as usual,
In the sense of the elements where
There is no system to grow lining
The strain of the vital force stitched
Under the system as in vague to pry
Into the clouds thriving thunder storm
On the fearful meow to smidgen and prelude.

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