The Sunset of Tomorrow

Lambs and sheep frolic in our dreams
He whispers softly in the cold night,
"Good night mommy" and he drifts off to sleep
His droopy eyes close with an aura of peace, lighting up my night looking forward to tomorrow's sunrise.

The hot sand beneath our feet lifts us up into our golden dreams.
How I smell a burning lust for freedom in people's eyes
Till I see them begging for mercy for their lives
Am I dreaming? I'm dreaming.
I wonder how the fume is so ripe,
How the stars light up the night
And if my son will call me to love him.
Reminding myself over and over again the fume isn't real, until I get a jolt in my ankle which doesn't seem right
Hearing yells and yodels of cries, turning from side to side
The bonfire is getting bigger in my eyes
I beg for mercy but I hear him cry which jolts me awake for the first time

I awake to a horrid scene
My son begging for mercy at the fire, is the fire listening? Listen to his loud yells and cries.
Oh, how my fears jolt with tears, grabbing my son and begging for the fire to disappear
Making an escape with my hands, barricading the smoke with his tiny hands.
A girl hugging her stuffed animal, which she nurtured to love her in any manner
Is jumping out the window onto the soft sand,
Seeing the sunset today and hopefully tomorrow's.

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