The Surprise Bag Of Life

When things are too good they usually are

It's like thinking your wish will come true from wishing on that star

The thoughts of your life together sometimes are from the farthest from reality they are

You are thinking forever

Things are getting bad

His thoughts of thinking about draining you and your children from what they had worked so hard to have

Life is a surprise grab bag, you don't know what each day holds

Some can be plastic rings, and some can be necklaces of gold

Never give up before the miracle happens they say

But sometimes that miracle seems too far away

Like a bright red shining star, that I find in the sky each each night

It's my personal moment of clarity, of the days woes and what I did wrong and right

I know that this day one day shall pass

And my kids will be in our own backyard playing in the trees, berries, and grass

I can't wait for that day, it seems so far away

But a mother that is willing to do anything for her kids could do it all in a day

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