The surprise party

Grade 4 | Age 10 | 07/20/16

At 12 am in the morning, I wake up suddenly,
"Today is your sister's birthday," my alarm reminded me.
I jump out of bed, then brush my teeth,
I then ate my breakfast, frantically.

At 1:35, I got everyone out of bed,
Their teeth were brushed and ready, I was so excited!
We tiptoed out of my room, to downstairs,
we did this to make sure, she didn't get scared.

Downstairs we started planning, we came up with a theme,
we chose to go with, purple and ice-cream!
In just 6 hours, everything was set,
every guest was invited, every girl and pet.

Purple was everywhere, and so was ice-cream,
but wait, were we missing something?

In a flash I realized, and told the other hosts,
they said, we're toast.

I set out to find her, with nothing but a map,
I searched it thoroughly, but not one fact!

I went to her friends house, with no ideas left,
but her sister was home alone, she they went west.
So after searching long and hard, I just called her phone,
and whaddya know, she picked up; I told her to go home.

I hung up on her, with a question on her tongue,
and rushed home, to tell everyone.
1 hour later, we all hid,
giggling softly, as my sister came in!

She fumbled for the light switch, cause it was too dark for her eyes,
But I beat her to it, then we jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE".
Her mouth dropped wide open, then she started to cry,
"this is the best surprise ever, thanks you guys!"

We all had a blast, eating purple ice-cream,
mine was pistachio, it was originally green.
Time just flew, and it was time to say goodbye,
and we knew we would remember this birthday,
it was hard not to try.

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