The Swimming Cheetah

Most think it's impossible for one like you to do,
but it's hard to describe such gracefulness
that you possess in the water
That long speckled tail helping you to keep afloat,
is not all you have to help you splash around
Your skinny legs never stop thrashing
because they are hard at work keeping you alive
Above the water your head must remain,
that is if you wish to see another day
Feeling surrounded by cool water like a bunch of
raindrops teams up to pull you in
Luckily, you have outsmarted them,
you know how to swim
After your legs have given up,
your head feels as if it were to drop,
your legs about to fall to the bottom of the pond,
You climb back onto land and feel like you used to
There is just one more thing you have to do before you
go back to your routine,
you shake off that team of raindrops that thought you
couldn't swim

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