The Sword and the Damage

The serpent rises, out darts his tongue,
Hateful words, accusations swung.
You’ve lowered the bar of decency,
The sword and the damage done.

Do you really believe those things you said?
The lies hurtled at me could be true?
Defying all logic and common sense,
Then bile and disgust in me grew.

I do not steal from the sick or rob from the poor.
I do not fornicate for favors.
Yet, you have placed those who would, higher than me.
Perhaps it is you who needs to justify a behavior?

I begged you to stop pounding me
Mercilessly into the ground
Yet the sword kept swinging, my heart kept bleeding.
Until nothing of “us” could be found.

All of “us” has been drained out of “me”.
And the pain of it has washed away,
False expectations, illusions of what we could be.
Has been placed in the tomb of yesterday.

Always is never, anyways…. I doubt it,
And meanwhile reduced to nothing.
Friendship could never survive in the vileness.
When the tongue was used for crushing.

A true brother would only have spoken the truth,
If it was left up to him to defend,
Your lowly thoughts and serpent ways.
Has ensured our path doth end!

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